You have to be odd to be number one.


Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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there should be a dating website called ebae

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Allison Wade -  Break-up Texts; 2013-2014

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Fallingforyou // The 1975

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oh my god

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Three months ago
you gave me
everything and more.

Two months ago
you silently
took it away from me.

One month ago
you quietly
left my side.

One night ago
I was swallowing pills
and drinking vodka
because I want to
what it felt to be in your arms.

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i hope that when someone likes me they can be straight-forward with it. instead of playing mind games or just keeping it all in. whats the point in that? what will you loose if you just try? at least youll know if it was meant to be or not . and if its not then you can move on to the next.

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